Chris Bachalo



CHRIS BACHALO is internationally recognized as one of the most popular artists in the comic industry. His body of work covers a wide spectrum of genres ranging from the critically acclaimed “Sandman,” “Shade,” “Death, The High Cost of Living” and “Batman” series for DC to “Incredible Hulk,” “Uncanny X-Men,” “The Amazing Spider-man,” “Captain America” and the quirky pop favorite “Generation X,” which he co-created with Scott Lobdell for Marvel Comics. Generation X, became the first title from Marvel that was adapted into a live action film for Fox.The short story “The Wheel” written by Stardust and Beowulf writer Neil Gaimen and illustrated by Chris featured the Death character and was inducted into the library of Congress in 2003. It was created as part of a tribute to 911. His cover work for the title Hunter, The Age of Magic for DC was included as part of a New York gallery show for the Society of Illustrators. He recently worked on the critically acclaimed Wolverine and the X-Men with Jason Aaron, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man/Deadpool.

Chris also co-created two creator owned properties. He collaborated with Jeph Loeb, writer and producer of the hit television shows, Lost and Heroes, on the Vertigo/DC, titled “The Witching Hour” that has been published worldwide. He also co-created with Ben Ten’s Joe Kelly the retro-futuristic, Sci Fi epic, Steampunk, published by Cliffhanger /DC.

In addition to Chris’ popularity at local conventions, Chris has made guest appearances on televisions “Pictionary” and the “Sci-Fi” channel. His most recent guest appearance included both Australia and New Zealand. Other appearances have included locations such as England, Italy, France, and numerous cities in the US and Canada.

In addition to his work in comics, Chris’ artwork has graced the covers of “ The Hollywood Reporter” and “PSM” (play station magazine). Other clients have included Activision, Oakley, Taco Bell, Stuff magazine, Mad Magazine, Upper Deck, Disney, Neiman Marcus, EA and Def Jam records. He was also commissioned to do artwork that was transformed into a 50’ X 80’ mural at the Marvel/Universal theme park in Orlando, Florida.

Chris is a Canadian citizen and was born in Portage La Prairie, Canada. He enjoys, hockey, baseball, his wife’s cooking, chocolate and Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino. He currently resides in Southern California with his wife, Helen, his son, Dylan and his Siamese fighting fish, Spike Four.