Ric Flair, also known as the “Nature Boy,” is among the most famous and well-known wrestlers in the world, and has been one of wrestling’s biggest stars since the late 1970s. Flair was often popular with the crowd due to his in-ring antics, including rule breaking (earning him the distinction of being “the dirtiest player in the game”), his cocky interview style, strutting and his shouting of “WOOOOO!™” The “WOOOOO!” yell has since become a tribute to Flair, and is often shouted by the crowd whenever they see Ric or when another a wrestler performs one of Flair’s signature moves.

During his celebrated career “The Nature Boy™” wrote an autobiography “To Be the Man”, a New Yorks Time Best Seller, and released a 3 disc DVD set on his storied time in the wrestling business.

Flair is recognized by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) as a 16-time World Champion (WCW), he also had two stints as a Heavyweight Champion, although his actual tally of World Championship reigns varies by source – some totaling as high as 21. Flair also won the 1992 Royal Rumble and the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Ric Flair is the most decorated World Champion in history.