Elliott Fullam



Elliott Fullam is an actor, known for his co-lead role as Jonathan in the critically acclaimed horror film Terrifier 2 as well as Sal the Rooster in the animated series Get Rolling with Otis on AppleTV. He also makes appearances in episodes of Instinct (CBS) and The Other Two (Comedy Central).

In addition to his acting career, Elliott is an accomplished musician with over 3 million streams on his debut album titled “What’s Wrong” on Spotify alone within the first month of its release. He signed with one of his favorite record labels Kill Rock Stars and will be releasing new music with the label while playing shows in support of his album and singles.

Elliott also hosts his own YouTube channel with over 89k followers to date along with over 12 million views altogether. Some of his videos include interviews with James Hetfield of Metallica, Ice-T, Gaten Matarazzo from Stranger Things, Jay Weinberg from Slipknot, Tom Araya from Slayer, actress Drea DeMatteo and many more. And aside from his interviews, Elliott also plays guitar, does voiceover work, and has starred in other projects including the Discovery #mindblown video series, a Spectrum commercial and a Giant Supermarket commercial.

Elliott also hosts his popular TikTok account which has over 220k followers and counting.


Solo: $65.00
Terrifer 2 Reunion (David Howard Thornton, Damien Leone, Lauren LaVera & Elliott Fullam): $280.00
Terrifer 2 Art Costume Reunion (David Howard Thornton in Costume, Damien Leone, Lauren LaVera & Elliott Fullam): $300.00