Tony Moore



My name is Tony Moore. I’m a small-town guy from Kentucky, raised by a pack of wild televisions. I’ve been a fan of comics since before I could read, and have seldom in my life dreamed of becoming anything other than a cartoonist.

I’ve been in the business since 1999, when I started work on my maiden voyage, Battle Pope. Since then, I’ve lent my hand to books such as Masters of the Universe, Brit, the Eisner Award-nominated series The Walking Dead, and my creator-owned books Fear Agent and The Exterminators.  In recent years at Marvel, I have had the pleasure of getting to put my stamp on some wild runs on Ghost Rider, Punisher, Venom and Deadpool.

Thanks for coming along to check out my stuff.
I hope you enjoy the ride.

AUTOGRAPHS: Tony generally signs all day at any event he’s attending.  Any item purchased from him at the event will be signed and/or personalized free of charge.

  • Most comic books, trade paperbacks, and merchandise – $5 each
  • The Walking Dead 1-6 singles – $100 each
  • All other Walking Dead single comic issues – $20 each
  • Books for grading services (CGC, PGX, CBCS, etc) – $20 each

Any commissions can be purchased at the show on the show floor on a first come, first serve basis. Full commissions ($1000) need to be purchased before the show (cutoff is the week before the show)  and delivered at the show itself. If you would like to get in touch about a commission, please email