JOE STATON decided he wanted to be a cartoonist at 3 years old when he began tracing DICK TRACY from the funny papers.

He has been drawing comics professionally since he started working for Charlton Comics in 1971, where he drew romance, horror and licensed books before he co-created E-Man and Michael Mauser with Nick Cuti.

Though the bulk of his work has been for DC Comics, Staton also worked for at least 30 publishers and 100 different editors. He inked The Hulk and The Avengers for Marvel. For DC his many comics credits include Action Comics, Green Lantern, The Legion, various incarnations of Batman, and over 100 issues of Scooby Doo. He co-created two versions of The Huntress and his Green Lanterns include Kiliwog, Salaak, Arisa, and designed the modern Guy Gardner.

While working with First Comics, both as Art Director and artist, he drew another incarnation of E-Man and, for their Classics Illustrated line, A Christmas Carol.

With his writer-wife Hilarie, he produced several medical comics including Pete Learns All About Crohn’s and Colitis and Amy Goes Gluten-Free.

For ten years, between 2011 and 2021, Joe and writer Mike Curtis were the regular team for the DICK TRACY newspaper strip. DICK TRACY received Harvey Awards in 2013, 2014 and 2015 for Best Syndicated Strip or Feature.

Joe’s innovative work on Family Man, written by novelist Jerome Charyn, was republished in graphic novel form.

He has received both the Eisner and Inkpot awards.


Francis Manapul is a NEW YORK TIMES best seller and an award-winning artist and writer based in Toronto, Canada. Best known for his work relaunching THE FLASH for DC Comics, and following it up with the company’s namesake title, DETECTIVE COMICS. He is currently the co-creator and artist of CLEAR a Comixology Original series. In the past he has written and illustrated TRINITY which stars SUPERMAN, BATMAN and WONDER WOMAN. He has also illustrated JUSTICE LEAUGE, LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES, and ADVENTURE COMICS accompanied by a prolific career as a cover artist. In the past, Francis has also dabbled in the world of television as one of the hosts on History Channel’s BEAST LENGENDS, which combined globetrotting adventures and challenging art projects. You can find him on multiple social media platforms such as Instagram @francis_manapul, YouTube and Twitter @francismanapul as well as his website