Patrick Renna



Patrick Renna is best known to fans as Hamilton ‘Ham’ Porter in the classic film The Sandlot, as well as Larry Musgrove in The Big Green.

Since then, he has appeared in numerous guest-starring and recurring roles for award-winning television series such as Boston Legal and The X-Files.

His long list of credits include films as Son In Law, PUNKS, Ricky 6, Very Mean Men, Life Blood, Dark Ride, Dorm Daze and countless others. He also has done several Movies of the Week and has guest starred or recurred on dozens of hit TV shows such shows as ER, Bones, Over There, CSI and The Closer.

One of his more recent projects, Bad Roomies, is Patrick’s first film as a producer and his return to the big screen as an actor.

Even more recently, Patrick guest-starred and recurred in the Netflix hit GLOW.