Joe Hart’s Thing-Fest


Joe Hart’s Thing-Fest will join the Thing alumni Wilford Brimley at the Falls Horror Fest​!

Thing-Fest is celebrating 10 years during the 35th anniversary of the Thing! Featuring the world’s largest collection of Thing memorabilia, Joe Hart’s Thing-Fest is credited on the extras for the 2016 Blu-ray under The “MEN of Outpost 31” and is your only chance to see authentic screen-used props such as Childs’ iconic jacket (which was worn during filming by Keith David and is appearing courtesy of Von Babasin), MacReady’s hand recorder and Windows’ radio microphone! There’s even a RARE 35mm print of the film on display!

Celebrate 35 years of the Thing and 10 years of Joe Hart’s Thing-Fest this June!

For more information on Joe Hart’s Thing-Fest, CLICK HERE.