Ty Templeton



Ty was born in the wilds of downtown Canada to show business gypsies. His father invented televangelism, wrote some best sellers, and helped to kill Elvis. His mother was a fifties singing star on the CBC TV, and his brother invented the internet. Look it all up, it’s true. Ty makes his living writing and drawing comic books, working on such characters as Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, The Simpsons, the Avengers, and many others. He can be seen lurking in the outskirts of downtown Canada with his lovely wife, three of his four lovely children,  and his three cats, two of which are lovely, but the other one has really nasty scratched up legs that you don’t want to see.

(NOTE to those who are concerned about the child I don’t live with… Number One Son is now a legal adult (yikes!), two inches taller than Dad and lives downtown with his very own girlfriend of many years, and their very own cats.  No kids yet, danke shoen.)