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Bros Before Foes

Hey there, beautiful 

BROS BEFORE FOES is an ongoing art series designed to make you laugh, leave you enamored, trigger your nerd-rage, and/or satiate your deepest, darkest Rule 34 memelord subreddit fan-fictions.
You're welcome, I think?
We at BBF believe that there's a tad too much haterade in the world, and that we could all benefit from a good bro-hug and a little love. Okay, a LOT of love. Our art strives to blur the boundaries of heteronormativity through iconoclastic images that will—at the very least—spark a conversation about gender expression, feminism, and emotional connections.
BBF is owned and operated by André Guindi in Toronto, Canada. André's professional work includes animating on several cartoons for Cartoon Network, College Humor, Teletoon, YTV, and Nickelodeon.

Stop by the BROS BEFORE FOES Lounge in Artist Alley to say hello! We can't wait to meet you!

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