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Whyffles is the ongoing story of Josh, a man trying to be better a better person in a bad world, and Nick, a wheelchair-bound maniac with no regard for consequences or the limitations of not having working legs. Together with their friends Zoey, a sarcastic retail clerk who just wants to watch some TV, Marc, a be-eyepatched crime lord and diabetic, and Gustav, their transient quasi-european basement dweller, they’ll try to get ahead in this cruel world. Mostly by just complaining about pop culture, politics, and being out of milk. Because change is hard.

About the Authors

Dan and Dave have been making jokes on the internet for far too long. Since 2011 they have run Whyffles, formerly Sketch Comics, created Meta, a short-run comedy series for the Escapist Magazine, and Sketchies, a series of micro-sketch comedy videos. They are also fond of referring to themselves in third person, and not above pandering – you handsome devil.