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Gordon Shipperbottom is a self-taught Canadian artist who debuted his first book “Red Squirrel” in June 2013 at the Niagara Falls Comic Con. Gordon’s publishing house PoorMan Comics, will be releasing issue 5 of Red Squirrel, entitled “Rightful Heir”, this June 2nd, 2017 at the NFCC.

Gordon takes pride in drawing every page of each initial issue by hand, using Photoshop to add dialogue only. The pencil, ink, and colour, takes approximately 12 hours per page to complete. One issue is released per year and copies are limited. Red Squirrel will become a graphic novel at the end of 7 issue run and characters from Red Squirrel will have their own spin-off series.

Red Squirrel is a metaphor for Blood Crazy. The character is a human/alien hybrid sporting a battle suit from a different universe. He’s holed up in Niagara Falls, weary of a never-ending battle against a galactic threat.

Gordon Shipperbottom will be at Niagara Falls Comic Con all three days.

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