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Cecil Grimes Cosplay

Cecil Garner aka Cecil Grimes of Cecil Grimes Cosplay is an award winning professional Male Cosplayer and Set Builder.
Cecil's claim to fame as a Rick Grimes impersonator from the AMC Show The Walking Dead, and has been featured at comic cons across the US and Canada. Cecil has been cosplaying for over one year now.
Cecil won the US Walker Stalker Rick Grimes lookalike Contest and the "Independent Cosplayer of the Year" award at the 2016 Spacie Awards. He also been featured in three TV commercials, multiple newspaper Interviews, magazine articles, podcasts/radio shows, Parody Videos and Conventions bookings from California to Toronto.

Now a full time professional cosplayer, actor, and producer, Cecil has ushered in a new movement within the cosplay and comic con community called "SETPLAY", the next step in the evolution of cosplay! This movement is now growing and setting a new trend in the cosplay community. This is a partially underground movement with Cecil himself leading the way. His Zombie Photo Op Experience will be on display at Niagara Falls Comic Con for you to experience!

Cecil is also producing and starring in a documentary and miniseries call Road to Sanctuary The documentary, due out later this year, was shot while Cecil was on a west coast tour and the miniseries is a story based on Rick Grimes having a brother, played by Cecil, trying to fight his way across the US from Nevada to Georgia to find his brother during the zombie apocalypse. Cecil has already been receiving multiple offers to show his films at independent film festivals across the US. 
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Facebook: CecilGrimesCosplay
Instagram: CecilGrimesCosplay
Twitter: @CecilGCosplay
Cecil Grimes Cosplay will be appearing at Niagara Falls Comic Con all three days.