Convention Centre
6815 Stanley Ave,
Niagara Falls, Canada
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Wonder Woman Cosplay MeetUp
jay & silent bob get old live
Jaws: the movie prop exhibit
Ferris Bueller's Room
Jay & Silent Bob Photo Op
1966 Batcycle
Cecil Grimes Cosplay
Zombie Photo Op Experience
Batman Returns Screen-Used Batsuit
Delorean Time Machine
Real Life Peter Griffin
Bill Diamond Productions
1966 Batmobile
Mad Max Interceptor
Ecto-1 Replica
1966 Batcopter
Starsky & Hutch Gran Torino
The General Lee
Optimus Prime
Canadian Dalek Empire
The Munsters Koach
the Portal Prophecies
Board & Tale Board Gaming
General Lee
Arbelos Interactive
Red Meat Games
80's retro arcade zone
Spin VFX Panels
Blood In The Snow Film Festival
Princess Leia Cosplay Contest
Macho Man Cosplay Contest
Beers with Mean Gene
Drumming 101 w/ Marky Ramone
Medieval Times
Freakshow Wedding
live spray paint artist
Margot Kidder RARE Photo Op
Anchor Bay Entertainment
Blood in the snow screenings
Super Sonic Speed Dating
Heroes of the North
Alura LARP
Nintendo Classic Tournaments
Niagara College Canada
Mallrats Reunion
Degrassi High Reunion
Freddy vs. Jason Reunion
Locked In The Cellar Creations
Magic: The Gathering
Doctor Who Escape Room
Niagara College
Buffalo's Best TMNT
Yu-Gi-Oh! Gaming
Cardfight!! Vanguard
Table Top Gaming Room
Star Trek: Phase II
Duck Hunt
Indie Game Developers